Seeking Guidance on Implementing Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Profit Displays in Bubble App

Hello! I’m developing an app in bubble format and need some help. I have a dashboard for my small business where I display information about my customers, showing only the total number of customers, and my sales, also displaying only the number of completed sales. Just below, I show the profits, and there’s a list of options with three choices: “Daily,” “Weekly,” and “Monthly.”

I would like that, when clicking on “Daily,” the displayed profits refer to the current day (from the exact moment until the last 24 hours). When clicking on “Weekly,” the profits should represent the accumulation for the current week (from the current moment to the last 7 days). Finally, when choosing “Monthly,” the displayed profits should correspond to the accumulation for the current month (from the current moment to the last 30 days)

Can you be more detailed?

Show screenshots of your database, how your data types are connected in the various fields. That will enable someone to help you faster.