Displaying data on a dashboard/graphs

Hello all, firstly I apologise if this has been answered somewhere else, I have tried multiple places to find the information but can’t seem to come across it!

Basically. I am setting up a dashboard for a Fashion agency who has multiple customers buying bulk clothing through them. The dashboard is aiming to show what they have spent and invoices/balances due etc. I understand how bubble works but am struggling with the concept of how to set out the data itself to display what I would like. I will put below what I am trying to achieve and any help will be much appreciated.

  • Admin inputs spend per month and this is shown in a graph and also as a number which adds all the monthly spend together for the “current” year.

  • There is a drop down in the top right corner in which you can select a year (e.g. 2020) and the data values will changed based on the filter parameters, i.e the graph will now only show data values for Jan 2020 to December 2020.

I hope this makes sense, if not please drop any questions below. Thanks.