Financial Model

I would like to build an app for creating financial projections. i.e. adding revenue streams and cost items and (e.g. salaries) and then calculating them for each month and calculate the resulting profits on a monthly basis.
Like the one in the picture below:

Has anyone done something similar? I wonder how to best approach the problem in terms of

  • Structuring the database and how to deal with the time series aspect (eg save a number for every month or calculate them on the fly etc.)
  • where to perform the calculations (i.e. in bubble or somewhere else like google sheets)
  • how to best display the data (eg a repeating group or something else?)

The whole thing is pretty straightforward in an excel / google sheet but not sure how to best approach this on bubble as the displayed values are dependent on each other…

I am looking for some basic guidance to point me in the right direction to get started with this - all inputs and ideas are welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you @Bubbleboy for sharing this!

@d9999 you could also try out this one:

It supports inline editing and basic formulas :slight_smile:

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