Seeking Guidance on Saving User Input in Form Fields Across Sessions

Hello Bubble Community,

I am working on a feature for my app and could use some advice. My application includes a form where users provide information about their company. The objective is to create an auto-save feature where the form saves the user’s input persistently across sessions without submitting the form. Here are my requirements and what I have tried:


  • Users should be able to fill out parts of the form, navigate away, and return to the form with their inputs preserved.
  • The inputs should be saved automatically without the user needing to hit a “Save” button.
  • When the user finally decides to submit the form, the saved inputs are then used to create or update their ‘Advanced Information Security Policy’.
  • There is no direct field on the ‘Current User’ that links to an ‘Advanced Information Security Policy’, so I can’t use the user’s record to directly save the form data.

Current Approach:

  • I have set up a group with input fields where the user enters their information.
  • Created a data type called ‘Temporary data’ to temporarily store the user’s inputs.
  • Attempted to set this group’s data source to a ‘Temporary data’ record associated with the current user’s session.

I’m unsure how to proceed with creating and linking a ‘Temporary data’ record to each user session effectively.

Ask: How would you approach building this feature in Bubble, considering the need to save form data across sessions and the absence of a direct link between the ‘Current User’ and the ‘Advanced Information Security Policy’?

I’m looking for a solution that ensures a smooth user experience while meeting the above requirements. If you have implemented something similar or have suggestions on best practices for this use case, I’d greatly appreciate your insights.

PS: I still continue to believe this need is pretty basic.

Thank you!

Is there a user field on the Advanced ISP? If so, why not come at it from that direction? If not, seems like something is off with the schema.

In general, saving partially filled forms has been discussed a few times here, most recently in this topic.