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How to preserve data entered in input fields [ SOLVED ]

Hello Bubblers!

Here’s the scenario

User enters data in fields on a page - creating a Thing - then navigates away from that page. How to make it so that when user goes back to previous page where the Thing was created, the Thing created is still there rather than been cleared or reset?

Goal is to make users edit previously input data…

Much thanks in advance…

Can you have a flag on the user that is set on page load ?Data is stored on the user as they enter it. If they save then the user temp data is cleared and the flag is cleared. Otherwise on page load you set the inputs to the temp data.

@NigelG, thanks much. The pageload option might be the way to go. Question is how do you set it up? I’m lost on that :grin:


had a go …

Fiddlier than I thought, as I had forgotten that you can’t “null” a field, so might need to think about to get the default value back into the field when it is cleared.

I think I did something similar just using the “initial value” and have that be a dynamic field that equals that field? For example they could input their address in a form, but say they then notice they made an error, when they go back to The page, the form would now show the values they entered last time.

Hey @grant, thanks much… Could you please a bit more specific how you had set it up? I am struggling with this and can’t figure out how to implement it… I’d really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


I think this may do why you want

I’m on my mobile right now so can’t see the details but I think I set up the form to use “initial value”.

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@grant, Thanks so much… Will give it a try in a minute, I see what you did on the fields and it makes sense…


@grant… You are Genius!

It worked…

Thanks so much!


One more time if you don’t mind, you are Genius!

In my case I set it to lastItem :smile:


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Thanks for the kind words and glad it worked!

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