Seeking Reference Documentation for JavaScript Sandbox (like context Object) in Plugin Development

I’m currently developing a plugin and need more detailed documentation about the objects and methods in the JavaScript sandbox environment Bubble provides for plugin development.

I am trying to see what is available to me, but all I see in the app and in the Bubble Manual is a reference to a context object and a small example list of functions.

I want a reference document on the context object and any other objects or items included in the sandbox.

There’s basically no formal documentation on the plugin context

Did you have any specific questions?

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there is a lot that you can discover by logging stuff around with plugins, even some stuff that probably we are not supposed to read.
For everything else you need to play with changing the settings of the plugin and reading the inline documentation in the editor. The docs for the new server actions api have some type definition (but sometimes it can be wrong)

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well that’s a bit depressing, I get they are moving fast but I’m really trying to see what I can do with it so I can see what plugins I can make. This makes it hard to even explore or get creative here.

I guess to start how can I create Things in my database from a plugin?

By making a fetch call to your backend

Learn this first

Then learn how to trigger an even when the fetch resolves

Then learn how to accept inputs and pass this in the fetch

Find a problem and solve it. No need to be creative :man_shrugging:

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that’s weird advice tbh.

Engineering is a lot of learning what you can do then fitting the puzzles.

I can use APIs well, but making straight fetch requests or anything of the sort seems pretty terrible when there’s suppose to be a built-in sandbox or library.

As I said, I get they are moving fast and I’m actually helping them integrate at my company but the plugin development should have decent documentation if your trying to plugin for both their sakes and ours.

I’ll just have to see what I can do by inspection but still can’t follow good engineering principles without decent docs which then means hacky solutions.