Select 2 search plugin, anyone interested in building this?

Anyone fancy building a select2 search plugin? If you are interested please contact me or you can contact me privately so that we can speak about it in more detail and get a quote on it and the time frame.

It’s something that’s missing in the list of components and I am wasting too much time building custom select 2 search using inputs, RG and floating groups.


I would like the select 2 search to have the necessary functionality,

  • Ability to use Option sets or App data.
  • Show the list of dropdown options and allow the user to insert their own text (optional).
  • It must be a plugin (wasting too much time building this custom for each form on my web app).

Not urgent but would be a plus for later on,

  • Ability to create option groups.
  • Able to show several attributes like in a RG.

If your interested please contact me. Really interested to make this plugin a reality.

Thanks for listening.

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Hey Manuel,

Funny you should post this. I’m just in the process of learning how to build plugins and am trying to brainstorm ideas for things to build. I’d be happy to jump on a call with you to learn more about what you’re trying to do. Just sent a PM right now.

Hey @mangooly I’ve just found it and of course, I’m super interested.

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