Select all checkbox in new Table element

Hi all,

I’m currently designing a table an I want to insert a checkbox for every column. In the table’s header I want to place also a checkbox. If the user checks the box in the header, all records/columns in that table should be checked also.

I found this video and it seems to work, but I’m missing the “selected” value from the table. Just take a look at the video: (Video is starting at 3:50).

Someone has in idea to achieve this in a table element?


The “selected” value is a custom state, based on the video it was put in the repeating group element.

I know.I want to use the table element.

then just select your table element?

I dont have an option for :count selected …:

Because you haven’t added your state in your “Table User”

mine is working fine


Just click create a new custom state and add your state type to what data type you’re going to use and make it a list.

WNo - please use a TABLE element. I have to user the selected count from a TABLE:

I did it (with a youtube video :wink: :slight_smile:

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