Using checkboxes in new table feature


I’m trying to create a typical UX table where a user selects a checkbox that selects all checkboxes below.

I’m having a problem selecting a “List of” things in my type using the new table feature. I can see how it works with repeating groups (i.e Repeating Groups Accounts List of Accounts). Where is the similar function in tables?

I’m trying to enable the checkbox in the button on the header row to select all visible rows. I’m then adding those checked to a state that can then updates certain fields in the database.


Yep, I’m having the same issue, and didn’t find a workaround yet…

Crazy to not be able to reference the list of items from a Table…

I have a workaround for this.
Simply, you use a repeating group somewhere in the page as the data source for the table. If you need any modification to the table data, you modify the repeating group data. Of course, it adds another layer between the table and the actual data source, therefore it is just a bit slower. But until bubble natively make data of the table accessible, this works.

You can hide the repeating group etc as well. It is just a mid-layer to hold data that don’t need any visible element.

See below for a demonstration.

You could also use this plugin:

by @an.tran

Way more possibilities than standard checkboxes and toggles.

Great support even though its free!

Thank you. While I like the idea, I decided that if I need to build out a repeating group anyway that I’d just use that until table functionality is more developed.