Select max value in datatype

I have a test that people have to take and the result of the test is stored in a datatype called dataTypeTest that has 5 fields “fieldQ1”, “fieldQ2”, “fieldQ3”, “fieldQ4” and “fieldUser”. I also have an option set that has a display of Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4

Example datatype values: 3,4,3,5,Juan
Example option set values: cook, drive, work, sports

I need to retrieve the highest of the 4 “Q” values to show someone’s strengths.
I want to tell him in the app: “Juan, your strength is sports with a 5

But I can’t seem to figure out how. I don’t mind if it has to be done before the test is saved or after running a backend workflow.

It seemed to me that the best way to do this was to save those 4 numbers into a repeating number group and then order, but then I do not know if the strength is Q1,Q2,Q3 or Q4, I just know that the highest value is 5.

I hope I made myself clear and someone can give me a hand…