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Selecting dates and date ranges in the Calendar

Hi, how can I allow users to select multiple dates and date ranges (from date A to date B) using the calendar plugin? Thanks in advance.


We don’t support this yet in the calendar element, but if you use the date picker that should do it.

Hi, is the date picker that you said referring to the ‘time picker’?

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Yes correct

Thanks Emmanuel. :slight_smile:

@emmanuel I was stuck on the FullCalendar plugin because I couldn’t select dates.

Before posting a new thread I did a forum search and opened up 11 tabs containing the word calendar and thankfully, on my 5th tab (this one), I found the answer!!!

So the time picker also allows for dates! Do you think you could make the UI more understandable by maybe changing the Label from “Time Picker” to “Time/date picker”?

I’m only asking so that people after me do not have to search the way I did!

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Thanks for the feedback, i’ll think about it.

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would be great if we could display, in a repeating group, data that meets a range criteria from a calendar.

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Is there a way to know the range that has been selected in the calendar?