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Date/Time Picker Question

Is it possible to select multiple dates using the Date/Time Picker? I need my users to be able to post events that take place over multiple dates and times.

Trying to figure this out too. Have you figured this out yet?

Take a look at the new date range feature:

If you need to select non-consecutive dates, I’d start with a custom state that’s a list of dates.

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Thanks for the response. I will definitely give that a try. One other question, do you know if the timepicker’s date and time can be used with the calendar plugin? I got it to where when I select a date on the calendar it is reflected on the date picker. But time remains the same. I would rather just use the calendar plug in but can’t figure out how to change the times on it.

Have you tried setting the initial content of the time picker to “Calendar’s Current Day”? If you click around on the calendar (in week or day view) the time should change with it.

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Yeah I did that and if I save the event on either week or day the event saves with the correct time, and displays on the month view with that time. But I would like to allow users to be able to set the time from the month view. That’s what I’m having trouble with.

Ah, well the plugin itself doesn’t display time on month view without an event , but even with one, there’s no way to communicate with all possible times, so you’ll have to craft something for this.

You could reveal the time picker when the day is selected and cover up the date part with a shape (kinda hacky, but…). Of course this means the time will appear in every calendar view. Unfortunately you can’t work with the current view of the calendar.


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So in order to see the actual time slot the user has to input into the day or week view. Thanks. My head hurts. I been trying to figure this out for several days. Lol.
What I also tried was beginning with the month view upon load. Then when a date is selected the month calender hides and another calendar with day view is shown along with a save button and input element. Then when save is pressed these elements hide and the month view is revealed. I managed to get the event to display but the time still shows as 12.

This is one of those things that maybe you could touch on in your newsletter. I know others will probably ask the same question.

You’re right, this would be a good one to tackle since there are few workarounds I’ve had to create involving the calendar plugin myself.

Would you mind sharing your link for what you’re describing though? You might be on to something with separate calendars and I’m sure there’s a simple fix for the time mix-up.

I came up with this…
editor link…


I don’t like the fact that by default 12a shows up on the month view but it’s my only option since there is no way to delete it or to pass the selected time from the week or day view to month view. I even attempted to alter the created events font color and the color of 12a but was unsuccessful. I was only able to change the color of the event.

Dear attroch1978. Have you figured out how to select multiple dates using the Date/Time Picker? I have tried it with the new date range feature. I still cannot input several non-consecutive dates in the same Date Picker, or I might do something wrong…