Selecting users from a list of users in another data type


I’ve been struggling with this problem for a while, and I’m sure there is a simple solution, but I need some help finding it!

Currently I have a Data Type with a field for “confirmed players” that has a field type of users and is a list.

I’m looking to create a way for a user to pick the winner(s) and loser(s) from that list of "confirmed players"

From there the winner(s) will be assigned points and the loser(s) will be deducted points. However, I have not been able to figure out a way to select specific users (the winner(s) and loser(s) from a list of users in a Data Type.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Do you have a picture of the setting and page?
Are you, for example, using a dropdown to select “winner” or “looser”?

Please see attached for screen shots. One is the settings page (Fields for the Data Type I created) and the others are the current flow where someone challenges players and that leads to summary page where you can see “invited players” and “confirmed players”. The “invited players” can “Accept” or “Decline” and if they accept they become one of the “confirmed players”. The goal is to be able to select the “winner(s)” and “loser(s)” from the “confirmed players”

I tried using a dropdown but that wasn’t working because 1) I couldn’t figure out how to select multiple winners / losers from a dropdown and 2) Even if I had multiple dropdowns I couldn’t figure out how to create a workflow from the user selected in the dropdown

I don’t see actually where you want to select the winner and looser.
If you want to use a dropdown, you need to use multi-dropdown plugin. This will allow you to choose multiple elements.

You can also use selection like in your second screenshot with checkbox. It will work too.

I didn’t include a screen shot for that part because I haven’t been able to find a solution on how to pick the winner(s) and loser(s). But I have attached a simple screen I designed below.

I tried to create a selection like in my second screen shot but it didn’t work because it pulled all of the names of “confirmed players” into a single row on the repeating group. Rather than putting each user that is a “confirmed player” in their own unique row. Do you know how to get around this? I wonder if it’s because this is a dynamic page that pulls “Current Page Bet Info” (as you can see from screen shot below) when people click on “Settle Up” or “Details” in the summary screen I sent before.

Do you have a suggestion for a multi-dropdown plugin I can try?

look for multiselect dropdown
What I think is that you setting for the Dropdown is not correct but we don’t see it in your screenshot. Should be dynamic and set to type user I guess and source should be Current bet confirmed player

Those are the settings that I have now.

I added a few more examples below to try and demonstrate the problem further.

The first screen shot is a preview of the page. As you can see the drop down isn’t working at all, and no “confirmed players” are showing. To the right are simple tests to see what will work to get “confirmed players”. The names on top are just simply text of “confirmed players” and the ones we would like to have show up and be able to select from. The two repeating groups below that are test to try and pull in the “confirmed players” (you can see the settings in the additional screen shots). As you can see the first group is at least only pulling one name per row, but they are the wrong names. The second group is pulling the right names, but putting both “confirmed players” on the same row, rather than having them be separate rows.

**I don’t know how to:
1) Get the drop down to show the “confirmed players”
2) Get a repeating group to show the “confirmed players” on unique rows not all on the same row, so that a user can select them.

I found the problem! I had the Type right but the data source wrong for my repeating group. In the text box I was also using the wrong source, it should have been “current cell”. Screen shot of the correct settings below FYI

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