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SelectPDF conversion error

Hi Bubbler!
I’ve been using SelcetPDF for a year and never had any problems. Since the day before yesterday we noticed that SelectPDF has an error in the conversion of the pages. At first we thought we had made some changes, but this is also the case in our backup versions (everything worked at that time).
Also, the HTML elements for the manual page break are now ignored by the plugin. In the appendix you can see the two comparisons (before and after).
Has SelectPDF changed anything about the algorithm?
We use the legal and portrait format.
Thanks for the help

Did you try switching the conversion engine from Webkit to Blink?

I am facing this problem too

switch into Blink, sure you will not get any issue.

How does the page break function work?
Just drop a HTML element with the

and done?
I tried this, but it did not work…