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SelectPDF failed: SelectPDF failed to print page

Hello, I recently installed the SelectPDF plugin, got the license key, and when trying to generate the PDF it says “SelectPDF failed: SelectPDF failed to print page, please make sure it renders well on Internet Explorer 11 or choose “blink” engine in the settings”

I have tried the Blink engine, I’ve tried making the data public and tried a super basic white page with text, but seems to throw that error every time. I tried running it as a workflow and as a backend workflow.

Any thoughts?

@emmanuel any word on if you guys are keeping SelectPDF or if you are working on a replacement? Seems like PDFs are really weak on Bubble and there isn’t a solid 1st party option to get Invoice PDFs to customers for example.

Hi, this might be happening bacause their server can’t access your page (so it can’t render a PDF), If your app is run mode protected, you need a username and password to load it. Uncheck this box. If you are with an agency plan, you can’t uncheck this.
I guess this might be the problem, since you have access to backend workflows.
P.S. Select PDF should work ok with backend wfs

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Yep that was it. Thank you. Wish their documentation was a little bit longer.
Also hope they can improve PDF exporting to have header/footer support, etc so we can create real forms for customers.

Sure they need more documentation, kindly mark my last reply as the solution for the problem please

Would you have any idea of how to insert a page-break that SelectPDF recognizes? I’ve tried a couple pagebreak methods but nothing seems to be working.

Only blank groups seem to work

Hey Adrian,

Can you please help me with this:
Select PDF is generating PDF from me but I have around 10 repeating groups loading about 50-100 rows of data each. Now what’s happening is that Select PDF convert webpage to PDF as soon as it loads while repeating group data is still loading.

I am using Select PDF plugin from bubble. Looking forward!

Yea I’m trying to find a SelectPDF alternative because I’m having this same issue. I have a report that could show 1000+ items and I’m running into similar issues. They have a minimum time setting so it waits at least X seconds but to me that’s really not useful because the short reports take forever, and if the report is long enough it still could not be enough time. Bubble badly needs a new PDF solution

I’ve been experimenting with CloudConvert and their webpage to PDF API, but currently trying to figure out how to authorize THEIR browser to be logged in as the current user so privacy rules can apply

I let Bubble support know, but SelectPDF has an option so it doesn’t count seconds before capturing the page, but instead waits for a javascript command to capture it. So I made it so “When page is loaded (entire)” it schedules the javascript command 10 seconds later. My only problem now is the parameter that enables the manual commands instead of time isn’t available in their plugin. So I let them know they need to add it.

Hi, check the box in your RG and set you load time for 15+ seconds, I don’t think it’s a problem of data loading, I thinl you are not showing all the items on load


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