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I have an app where I need to send 3000+ emails (to all users) with a click of a button. Can Bubble/SendGrid handle many emails at once?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

you mean, send same email content to the each user email like newsletter?

yes, you can. create workflow for the all the users and perform each users with email content.
It works.

Hey @hacker,

Feeding off @manikandan’s response. If this is like a drip campaign I’d suggest using a recursive workflow to prevent any capacity issues to your app. In terms of Sendgrid, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Yes, but I had the question that if Bubble can support a 3000+ list of users for the email

Great, thanks, @johnny

:+1: no problem! If you’re talking about marketing campaigns I’d just use email marketing software

Yes, the thing is that sending 3000+ emails is not cost-effective in mailchimp or something like that. Plus I need to make a CRM and other stuff for the users, so Bubble is the best option :grinning: :computer:

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Love it! Yeah, if its a drip the best is recursive in my opinion :blush:

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