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Send a new push notification for a Reminder

Hi Bubblers,

I need to send a push notification to a user for a reminder that he has saved.

Suppose if a user has set a Reminder on 26 August 2021. I want to send a e-mail or a push notification on 8 AM of 26 August 2021.

  • What should be the workflow here?
  • How do I search if the date condition matches?
  • How do I use the backend workflows here?

Any inputs would be great!

  1. Set up a backend workflow for sending the email (you’ll want parameters on the backend workflow to accept things such as the reminder and user)

  2. When User creates a reminder, schedule an api workflow (the backend workflow) and provide it with a date (the reminder date).

At a high level this is what you need to do. We have a tutorial for this at