Send an email with question log answer to DB

Hi there! I’m new here and have a question. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

We’d like to send our customers an email from bubble asking them about their experience with us. I’d like for the customer to be able to respond from the email and have the response logged to the database. How would one go about this? Is there a feature or app that would be helpful?

Right now I am doing this with Zapier, Airtable, Jot Form and sendgrid. Would like to simplify it.

Thank you.

I’ve got similar use case.

When an appointment with user A is booked by user B on my platform I send an email to the person that booked the appointment (User A) for confirmation and one to user B for them to confirm that they are available.

When user B click on a button in the email they are redirected to the platform and must click on a button in the platform to confirm.

If you want more than a simple confirmation you could build a page containing some field and record form submissions in DB.

In order to do this I only use Bubble, Sendinblue and this plugin : Sendinblue SMTP Plugin | Bubble

There are similar plugin for Sendgrid that probably also does the job.

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When user B clicks on the link. How do you pass that back to the database? So that knows who clicked the link and where to add the record. Thanks for your help!

Since an appointment is created in my database when user B submit a form, the link to the confirmation page in the email contains the appointment unique_id (The datatype of the confirmation page is set to appointment).
That way I know that when user A click on the button in the page it’s tied to that specific appointment.

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