Survey Form that updates DB

I want to make a survey for my users. The ideal is for them to receive an email with an html form and when the complete the survey, Bubble db to get updated.

Any Plugin? Any Idea for Dev?


Why you don’t create the form in Bubble and mail the link to the user.

I second what @ankur1 stated.

It would be much more straightforward to give the user a link into your Bubble app to complete the survey. Otherwise you’d need to use some tool to post the data to Bubble once the survey is complete.

It would just be easier to create a simple, standalone page in your app the user can go to via a link in your email.

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If I send the link I assume that the User should login. If that is correct this create inconvenience.

Not necessarily. Send a link with a URL parameter related to the user and you’ll know which user clicked on the link.

Interesting. Could you provide more details?
The scenario is the Url when clicked to show the ‘Name’ of the user and an input field (eg age). The user gives the age and click ‘submit’.
This should update the user field ‘age’ in ‘User’ Data Type.
Is this possible?.

Yes :slight_smile:

Could you provide more details?

In the URL you are embedding in the email, add an argument at the end which can be the user’s unique ID.

When they click the link and the page opens, add some code behind the “when this page opens” event to get the user’s ID from the URL and use that to update the User’s row with anything you need to update immediately.

When the user is done with their form and click your “submit” button, you can basically do the same thing to update the Uber row again.

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Thanks a lot!
About the ‘code behind’ any details? All rest are pretty clear

Check out how to use “get data from page URL”. After that the rest should be pretty obvious.

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Thanks a lot!