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How to database all emails sent via Postmark (API Connector)

Dear All,

I have successfully set up Sending emails from my Bubble App via Postmark, using their Transactional server and the Bubble API Connector. My question is, how best to get ‘opens’ and ‘click’ data back into Bubble so that my app users can see that detail alongside an ‘email sent’ record? Additionally, I want to database a record of all emails sent (date/time, recipient, subject, body), how best to do this? Just create an ‘Activity’ Thing in the database and add it to the workflow? Or can Postmark send it all back to me so my users see something the attached images…

Postmark can send this data as a webhook. So you need to configure an API Workflow that “listens” to this webhook. Once triggered the workflow makes record in the DB.