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Send API RG single cell data to page?

I have tied multiple options but I guess I cant seem to figure this out.

So in the index page I have a RG with articles in each cell. When a user clicks on that cell it sends them to the article page where they can then read the article. My article Data is coming through the Bubble App connector as all my data is made in my backend app. I have no issue send the data to the app, the issue is sending the article in a cell to the correct page without parameters.

I have tried this,

and it slightly works but the issue is the URL is not that clean.


I know I am getting picky but i want to see if there is way to do this where the URL doesn’t have parameters in it, just the Slug of the article


Hellow David. Hope you are well. I am currently working on a “Tournament Organizer” app. I wanted your help regarding it, could you kindly provide me your email address?

Send me a DM and we can chat there, makes it a bit easier cause I don’t check my personal email as much!