Passing data between pages

Ok, so I just started using bubble, and its great. I implemented the google places API in order to get a list of restaurants around a location in a repeating group. I created a Rate button that adds the API info like ID name and location to a thing called restaurant, now what I would like to do is for when they hit that button to load a new page with the data from that repeating group cell on it but I haven’t figured out how to do that. When I try to use the navigation and data to send I get this error. "Go to page place: Data to send should be empty but right now it is a text

Bubble has two primary mechanisms for sharing data between pages, both of which involve the URL.

Bubble’s primary way (which I don’t actively recommend) is to have a “Date type” associated with a given page. (By default, Bubble gives pages the type of “User”. But you can change this to any other Data type in your database. You do not need to set a page type. But, if you do have it, Bubble will force you to send a specific thing between those pages - otherwise you get the error you’re encountering).

The second method, which is much more dynamic, is to use URL parameters. This allows you to “add” things into the URL of the application through what’s called a parameter. (I have a handful of lessons on LearnTo that provide lots of great detail about URL parameters).

When you check the box “Send more parameters to the page”, it will open up a few new fields where you can name new parameters to be sent.

Just remember that when you start sending things between pages, you’ll also need to “retrieve” them by using the “Get data from page URL” function.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)