Send app invitations via whatsapp

Hey there!

I am interested in building an app or website with bubble and would like to make users be able to send invitations to the app via whatsapp.

I know websites where there is a QR code which you can scan, then whatsapp opens on your pc and you can send the link to friends. Or, if you are on your mobile device already, you just click on a button to send the link to a friend.

Now I am wondering how they do that? Is there a possibility to do the same on

Thanks for your help

Hey Felix! That should be pretty easy to do! Just create a link or button in Bubble and set the ‘destination URL’ to the following:
whatsapp://send?text=Check out this Bubble site"

This doesn’t open the desktop version of WhatsApp though – not sure how that works. But I just tested it and it works perfectly on mobile (iOS) – which is most important of course :slight_smile:

There are some QR code generation plugins available on Bubble too – but I haven’t experimented with those yet, so can’t help with that.



Thank you for your answer! It works for me already now with an link but thanks anyway!

Is there a way to do the same with imessages?

There sure is! You can use iMessage in the href, to specifically open Messenges on both macOS and iOS.

<a href="iMessage://310684500">Click to iMessage us</a>

… or you can simply use SMS in the href, to open Messages on iOS or the messaging app on Android. It will only open Messages on Mac if SMS relay is turned on. (So, since this will also work on Android, this is probably a more ‘platform agnostic’ way of doing this)

<a href="sms:1-408-555-1212">New SMS Message</a>

Hope that helped!