Send data from a Repeating group to another repeating group and keep the original structure of the data

hi, am having a page with two repeating groups, one inside the other, i want to send the data from the inner one to another page, i have been able to send the data, but all the data are just together.

i want to sent data from each cell in the first page to corresponding cell in the other page… thanks . as it stands all the data from the first RG are all put inside the cell of the send page. thanks

Can you confirm how you have setup the data types for these repeating groups? Also, how are you sending the data to the other page?

okay will do that

the main RG on the first page is of the data type 'toast’

while the smaller RG whose data am trying to manipulate on the other page has a data type of ‘toast activities’

am able to get the data from the RG but i want each cell to appear separately, right now they all appear together as a whole

Couldn’t figure out from the screenshots but seems like a minor issue. If you can share the editor access, I’ll fix it for you.

i want to achieve something like this

i do get the data to the other page but i cant arrange the comment in the original order, so that each data shows on different cells