Send current cell data to another page through a popup

hi, am having a page with a repeating group, inside this repeating group there is an icon, when you click on the icon, it shows a popup, inside the popup there is a button that navigates to another page called toast-page. i have been able to send data to the popup, but i have not been able to send data from the popup to the toast-page. any help?

Hi @kolade199

There’s very little information, so it’s hard to help you. Is the type of content of the page compatible with the data you are sending?

this are the work flow

when i click on the icon with the red mark, it opens a popup, when i ‘choose go to toast’ it navigates to another page that shows the content of the current cell which was clicked. am i doing anything wrong, i know it would have been straight forward if there was no popup involve. thanks

Popup’s data source shows that it’s not from the RG. The data you send to the other page is the data of the current page.

Can you try that, please?

First, the “Current Page Toast” part of the pop-up’s data source should be blank.

Click on the icon in the RG to set up the workflow accordingly

When icon is clicked
Display data in Pop-Up: Current cell toast
Show Pop-Up

The other workflow is
Text go Toast is clicked
Go To Page post_page
Data to send: Pop-Up’s Toast.

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thanks it works

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