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Send data through

Hi everyone,
I am trying to send data from one page to another. For some reason, it works when sending the data as a parameter in the URL, but not in the “Data to send section”.
For example, key ISRC = parent group’s Search tracks item’s external_ids isrc works as a parameter, but not in the “Data to send” section, see photo for reference:

I read this page in the documentation: Navigation - Bubble Docs, but I’m still confused how to get it to work. This is a snippet from the documentation:

Data to send

Choose the thing for the page content of the destination page. The type of this thing should be consistent with the page’s type of content. If the type is inconsistent, the expression will be red. If the page doesn’t have a type, you can send text instead to append a path to the URL.

Any tips or advice are appreciated. If you require any additional info let me know.

What is the content type of the page you’re navigating to? And what is the type of the data you’re trying to send? (External Id)

And what does the issue checker say the issue is?

Hi Adam,
Thanks for the quick reply. The content type of the destination page is “Song” and the content type of the data I was mistakenly trying to send (ISRC) is text. The issue checker says: “Data to send should be Song but right now it is a text”, so I changed it to “Current page’s Song”, but when I test it out the “Current page’s Song” is empty see image:

My follow-up question is: How can I send the chosen Song as data? As mentioned above, sending Current Page song sends empty data.
You can try it out for yourself: SongApp
I am trying to build something similar to
Kind regards,

So the first page has a content type of ‘Song’ as well?

I’m not sure why it would need that, and obviously it doesn’t have a defined ‘Song’ as the debugger is showing.

In any case, you want to be sending the ‘current cell’s Song’ to the destination page.

Hi Adam,
I tried to send “the current cell’s Song” but I can only send current cell’s Index:
What can I change to allow it send current cell’s song?

It looks like you’ve got a group inside your RG cell and are running the workflow on an element inside that group (which is why you can’t refer to the current cell’s thing directly).

So just refer to the Parent Group’s Song as the data to send (assuming that group’s datasource is the current cell’s Song).

Hi Adam,
I see, thank you. The group’s datasource is in fact “current cell’s Search tracks item”. I changed the data to send to that, but since the destination page type of content is “Song”, it’s not working.
Edit: I changed the data to send to: current page song and although that does not give a bubble error, “current page song” is empty
Here is the editor: | Bubble Editor, any idea how I can get it to work?

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