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Please help - Sending data to another page


I want to send data from one page to another and I’m failing.

I have a data type called Country and inside has two fields, country-name and tax.

Users search for a Country (autocomplete search input) and then click search. I want the next page to recieve the country and display the country name and tax for that country based on the input on the previous page. The problem I’m having is that I don’t know what to put in the “Data to send” field. I keep getting errors.

See the app here:

Thanks in advance for any help.

Try setting the type of content on the page to countries, then in your workflow you should be able to select the input field for the data to send.


Thank you!

There should be a tutorial for this lol. It makes sense but its not obvious where to find the “Type of content” field for the other page.

On your dashboard

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