Send data to header

Hi there,
I have a simple dropdown menu on Page 1 that allows a user to select an item.

I’d like that selection to then show up on the header (reusable element) for any page they navigate to after the selection is made. In addition, any page they navigate to aftwerward would then be filtered to only include information from that selection.
For example: Let’s say the item is “Car #1” that is selected. Once that item is selected from the dropdown menu, I’d like that to show up in the header so that the user knows that all the information below the header reflects only Car #1.

So if a user navigates to Page 2 which shows a list of characteristics of the car they chose…the header still shows the selection from the previous page “Car #1”, but the content on Page 2 (characteristics) only shows characteristics of that selection.

Hi @newcoder, how are you?

In this instance are you building your platform on one page and then showing or hiding element back on what stage the user is at?

If not, and you are using page navigation, then your setup could cause problem and it would be better to use URL parameters to pass the information

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