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How to send a data to a reusable element like 'Header' [SOLVED]

I am just a beginner here. Please bear with me and my little doubts.
See, I am working on creating an app where people can find users using their names and see their details. But the problem is I don’t know how to make one user’s data available to others. Please, help me here.

Have you gone through the tutorial lessons? Those cover sending data, and many other features of Bubble


potentialthings is right. Good place to start to get a basic understanding of how Bubble’s most essential features work.


Yeah, I have gone through all the tutorials and I have also followed how not-real-twitter has used auto-complete drop-down search input to search the other usernames, but I did not understand what will happen if one clicks one of the names from the drop-down menu, I mean I want to visit their profile when I click on their name in the drop-down menu, How to do that?

Also, I am really sorry for late response.

Yeah, I have tried to learn the basics first. It would be lot easier if I could show you the bubble editor view of what I am trying to do. Is there any way of sharing the editor view here?

Now, I am facing another issue. I am uploading a screen shot.

Here, as you can see, when one clicks the button “education” the “university/college” tab is shown, and there is input “add college”. But in the preview mode, the input is not clickable, thus it can take no input from a user. But if I ctrl+drag the same “add college” input out of the tab and put it somewhere outside, then in the preview mode it is functioning properly.
Please tell me what is the case?

Hi Sohamray1994

Here is a link to a thread in which someone helped me with very similar level of questions.



ok, one thing at a time and topic.

You can share your editor with others. Make the app public (if it’s not already) and then post the browser link to your editor here on the forum and anyone can visit it and take a look.

Ofc you need to explain in text what’s the challenge. Done already. You can also head over to the unofficial Slack domain ( [you have to PM me with your email]).

Hi Andrew

Thanks for the help. I did not try those things yet, I will let you know after going through it properly.


Hi, Jonaspalmqvist
Ok I will Pm you with my email.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, Jonaspalmqvist

I have a question. What is the difference between “current user” and “current page user”? how can a “current page” user be different from the “current user” ? Can you, please, explain this with an example.

Hi @sohamray1994. Hey just PM (or post in new topic?) if you have a specific question instead of cluttering the topic with non-related things. :slight_smile: I’ve never seen “current page user”.

If this/your topic is solved with others’ help, a tip is to edit the topic headline to include [SOLVED]. It makes it easier for other users to see there’s at least one solution to the specific topic.

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