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Sending data to a page

Dear Bubblers,

I must be missing something basic here. I am trying to navigate to a search page (type User) from Index (type User) and use Search box value as a parameter for the search page.

Checked in the user manual for the “Incompatible type” thing and is says that “If you haven’t set the type of the dropdown element to user properly, you won’t be able to select it”.

What I do not understand is how I set up a type for a search box (to User?) or it’s something else that I need to do.

Go to the property editor of the search box and make sure that the list to define or modify is set to users. You’ll either see a button that says “define list of options” or “modify list of [data type]”

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Thank you Romanmg)

What I noticed that changing type via button works only for Dynamic. For Static (which is my preference at the moment) there is no choice visible…


That’s why you’re getting an incompatible type. Because your static choices are text values, whereas the search page is expecting on of your data types. So, if the search page needs to be a type, then you need to send it one. Otherwise, remove the type from the search page and just send your dropdown selection as URL parameters (“send more parameters” option right below “data to send”)

On the search page, you’ll use “Get Data from URL” to retrieve those parameters.

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Thank you! It makes complete sense now!

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