Send data to pop up

Someone who can easily help me submit data from a “list” in a database so that changes can be made to the database by the user.

The structure is basically like this:

I have the “event” and within this event there is a list of “tickets” created for this specific “event”, for this I need to extract the data for this popup so that it is possible to make changes and save them in the database.

In the event table I have this type

In the ticket table, I have this information

The tickets appear in this repeater group list, the edit button for each one.

If you need more information, I’m ready


This is at the core of bubble system. You will simply push the data from the repeating group to the popup by setting the type of the popup to the requested data. See the link for the example: How to send data from Repeating Group to Popup in

I managed to solve it, thank you very much!