Send data with dynamic page name in Go to page

Why is it not possible to send data when using the dynamic page name in the Go to page action?
Is there a workaround? I would like to make a reusable button where I can pass a dynamic page name and additional data to build my link.
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@stefan.pointecker you can use Arbitrary text as the dynamic value

Alternatively, you can use the Open an external website action and set the URL as follows: Website home URL dynamic page name /unique ID of the Thing you want to send

Hi thanks for your reply.
Yeah that would work (external website). But this would lead to a hard reload of the page right? And sometimes I only want to navigate within a page (sub folder structure).

I might be missing something because I don’t have visibility on your use-case, but why would you need to set the page dynamic in that scenario? Just set Destination to test and you’ll then have the ability to send data, either as the path or using URL parameters

I would like to make a reusable “Link Button” component which can be used everywhere. So sometimes linking to a different page and sometimes it links to the same page but e.g. a different tab. (= no reload of the page necessary)

Currently I have copied those links a lot and it seems to make sense to make a reusable out of it.

Because often new features are shipped and never updated to reflect the first set of feedback users provide Bubble. You can look at the thread on the announcement of that release. It only took less than 45 minutes for a user to point out the lack of functionality in this feature, and yet, still 10 months later, we still do not have that functionality.

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