Send email action doesn't send the attachment when using Box

I started a project and find Bubble really really nice, I needed some time to get all the way of thinking but now every modification even big is very fast.

I was using the standard Bubble storage and as my concept will need some space, I wanted to use another storage possibilities, I found this Box plugin

Everything is configured, uploads are OK, retrieving files as well, but…

Since I switched to Box, when I use the action Send email and I put into the attachment the files to send (which are stored in Box) the email is sent but no files are attached.
When I switch to Bubble storage, it’s OK again.

How does work the Email attachment ? is there anything special to configure because it’s Box ?

I’ve found this remark on the Box help, but I don’t understand the last point about referencing the data :

Good to know:

  • Uploads will go to your main account, inside a folder that you set for the upload element

  • Deleting a thing will remove it from Bubble as a data record so it is gone as far as the app is concerned, but the file will remain in your Box account

  • Don’t forget you can set the privacy setting in Data > Privacy in Bubble

  • When you drop a file into an element it will automatically upload to Box, but you should treat the upload as if it’s uploading to Bubble and still create a Thing so you can reference the data

Thanks for your help.

PS: I had many questions and problems and I always found a solution in the forum , but for this one, I coulnd’t find a similar topic

Here are some findings, the problem isn’t coming from the fact that I use Box plugin, I think something changed somehow, when I attach to an email a unique file, the attachment is OK, when I have more than one file, the emails goes with no attachment.

I’m sure it was working before, I tried an empty page with only a Multi File Uploader and a button to send an email and I have the same results.

So my question is, how should the file list look like in the attachment field of the action Send Email ?

Still struggling,
I did many tests, when sending email with attachment and this attachment is saved in Box, the email goes without attachment.
When sending email with attachment stored on Bubble standard, it’s OK.

The issue is that the storage price for Bubble is too much and my application is based mainly on emails…

Can anyone help me ?



Over a year late, but running into the same issue and the Bubble manual confirms that you can’t attach files stored outside of Bubble.