Trouble sending multiple attached files via email

Hello. I have an invoice page where the user can attach multiple files via multi file upload feature before they send their invoice.

When they upload their photos and press ‘send invoice’, all files are saved to the database as client files (add list) multi file uploads value.

A popup will display with an email button, where it sends the multiple files.

Problem is, it sends one file if there is only one file attached. If I want to send multiple files from the multi file uploads value, it will not send any attachments at all. I am becoming a bit frustrated. Its probably something simple.

-User presses on multi file upload box and uploads multiple files
-“save and continue button” adds that list to the database (I have tried both ADD LIST) AND THE ADD FUNCTION
-Send email button sends the multiple attachments.

I don’t know why it sends only one when there is only one attachment, and nothing when there are more than one. The values are saving to my database, so it can’t be the way I am saving the values. It has to be how I am sending them via email. I have even tried “split by: ,” to separate them, but still nothing is sending.

I have tried “send each items file name”, “each item” or just even “parent groups invoice attached files” and even “search for invoice: each items attached files” and nothing is working. I have even tried to add a separate box to the popup called “FILE BOX” where it first displayes the files in a multi value input, and when the user clicks on ‘send’, the workflow attaches the FILE BOX values, but that isn’t working either.


Hi! Did you ever find a solution?

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Yes, I had to create a limit of 10 files to be attached then have a workflow to send one at a time.

I am going to try this next:
my only other solution is to create a state called “count” that is a number, and start the state at default value of 1. Then, trigger a custom event on the condition that "If counts value > multifile upload value A’s count, schedule trigger #1.

When trigger #1 is triggered, then set state of count + 1 (which now puts the state to the value of 2). then set another condition to trigger a second workflow on the condition that counts value > multi file uploads value count. If so, repeat the same actions of trigger event #1 by cloning it and calling it Trigger #2. Then loop it back around to trigger #1 at the end, only if count’s value > multi file uploads value.

The original workflow will trigger Custom Event #1 if count’s value > multifile value count
Custom event #1 will trigger custom event #2 if count’s value > multifile value count
Custom event #2 will trigger custom event #1 if count’s value > multifile value count

This will create a loop event. Have another condition at the end of the original workflow and both trigger events that state: if counts value < multi file value, then go to a particular page or do another action instead.

Just make sure that inside each custom event, that set state count is “counts value + 1”

This is a reproducible bug - Bubble’s email action does not seem to support multiple files from a single field (be it URLs or files themselves). Please can Team Bubble look into this? Having to do this workaround is balmy!

Anything from Bubble on this? Trying to attach a list of files still does not appear to work.

unfortunately not yet. I am still unable to find a solution other than the one I have previously mentioned.