Send email action is not working

Hi, since this morning, the send email action is not working in any of my apps?
who should I contact? what should I do? submit bug report? it takes too much time to get an answer!!!
I really need this to make my apps work.

@josh @emmanuel

Hello! Please do submit a bug report with reproducible steps so that our team can investigate this issue.

Hi @eve thank yo so much, I just did the bug report, but this is urgent for me now.
I am trying to reset a password and I am not getting any email, this is a must for my apps!!! is almost a daily task.

Is your email Hotmail, Yahoo, Live, iCloud, our Outlook? Some of these have been blocking or delaying SendGrid emails. Others send the emails to spam. I suggest logging in to the SendGrid (or the email service that you are using) dashboard, and check the activity for blocks/suppressions/deferrals.

Hey @deadpoetnsp , no, it is not any of those free services, is actually users with the domain email from the app, and i am not using SendGrid, I have a legacy plan where the email is been managed from bubble itself, and since this morning it is not working.

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