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Send email action: To-field doesn't work with dynamic data


I have this super weird case. I did many tests and now I am sure the issue is with this thing.

When I use the action “send email”, it just will not work when I input a certain dynamic data. Here is the screenshot:

  • I checked that the actual data field it is referring to is not empty and I confirmed in my database and some manual Log creation that at the time of that the action should run the field is not empty (it is in a backend workflow and I don’t know any tool to debug backend workflows better than this).
  • I checked that the email didn’t get caught in a firewall or spam of the email provider (Tutanota) I use to send the test email to, by testing with an email adres from a different provider (Gmail)
  • I checked that the issue isn’t somewhere else by changing the dynamic data to something static, like this:
    image in this case everything works fine.

I really have no clue of what I am doing wrong. However, if you look closely it seems like the dynamic data is indented with a space, but I cleared the field many times and put the dynamic data back in but it still keeps being like this. I don’t know if it actually takes a space before that I just cannot remove.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem? Or do you have any idea where I could look further?

Hello @yannickdoteu

Try :trimmed

Hey thank you for your answer! I tried your suggestion but it doesn’t change anything unfortunately :frowning_face:

Try putting a static email ID in CC just to see what happens? And vice versa too. Static id in to and dynamic one in cc.

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