Send email after change on field in record database

I am trying to find a way to send out an email to a customer when there is a change on a database i.e. when a field called “Task” goes from “Incomplete” to “Complete” for a record, I want to send an email confirmation to a user.

I have rough idea this is possible with a API scheduled workflow to complete such a task daily etc.

Is there a way to send the email out just after a change to the database? instead of waiting a day.

How is the task being changed from incomplete to complete? If a user (whether you or your customer) is clicking an element that triggers a workflow to change the task, you can just run a ‘send email’ action in that same workflow to send the email right away. That’s the easiest. Would that work or do you need it to happen later?

Thanks, I think I could add a conditionality so that sendEmail is only triggered when certain conditions are met in the workflow.