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Send Email based on date in users database

Alright, I’ve been trying my best to solve this (what I assume will be easy) task.

Scenario: User signs up and declares a goal, pledges an amount of money to risk, defines a “supervisor” that will confirm or deny that they accomplished their goal and sets a goal deadline.

After the user enters all this info, they hit confirm - I have a workflow that collects the users CC info, sends an email with details on what they agreed to and it even passes parameters to a URL in the email, that if clicked will update the users data field.

Where I’m stuggling… API workflows.

I’m trying to schedule an email send on the Deadline date that the users defines. I’m having a hard time doing this. I just need some direction.

What do I need to do to do this?

I assumed that once the user confirms I could trigger a scheduled API workflow. I’m not too familiar with the API triggers or event triggers.

Is this even the right approach or should I create an API that checks everyday if the current day = a users goalDeadline, then send an email if true? Or should I schedule each individual API event when the users creates the declared goal?

Any and all help welcomed!

Depending on how many users and therefore emails you need to send out, either of the solutions you mentioned could work. I think the one that you just schedule an API workflow for the date/time of the user’s deadline date sounds the easiest, especially if you only have a relatively limited number of emails that would need to go out.

If you have a lot, then there could be the risk using the aforementioned method where you’ve scheduled a ton of emails to all be sent at the same time and could cause some issues and some emails may not get sent, which has happened to me before. To combat this, I took an approach more similar to the other solution you mentioned, which is as follows. Every day (or whatever unit of time), I’d see if there’s any users with deadline dates that need to be sent that day, and if there are, pass it to the API workflow at the current date/time. In this way, you’re scheduling them sequentially rather than all at once, and avoiding the “log jam” issue I noticed in the former method.


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I do not make any money off of the api I suggested. I left the message on this thread because it was one of the many I thought could help me solve my issue but after spending weeks trying to find solutions via the forum, help docs, and other means left me stuck unless I wanted to pay another $1100/yr.

What you are reading below is me being excited to share a solution with all of you. I hope you see it that way. Oh, and one other thing, you will notice that someone thanked me for posting it even after all the time gone by.

Again… I hope this helps others.

@zachary.dorsch I know that the likelihood of you still needing help with this is long gone but I am throwing it out there just in case (and I am doing so on the threads I read when looking for a solution). I found a company that handles exactly this and you can use it with the Personal Plan in Bubble. Here is the link for the api workflow ( Yardillo API Documentation (yardillo-yardillo-default) | RapidAPI ). Milind is the owner and can help get this feature working. I know because I just completed the process with him and it works beautifully!!

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Thanks for sharing this!!

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