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I have ran into a small problem i can’t figure out.

I have a zapier zap that is set daily at 4PM to set off an API workflow in bubble. In bubble i have a form where the entries are either incomplete or completed. I want the ability for the API to send out an email for every ‘incomplete’ form entry. It would be sent to the same user, the only thing that would change is some text in the email based on which entry it is using. Is this possible on bubble?

i cant seem to figure it out.

yes…need to have your database have a field on the data type create using the form that would show if it is complete or not…then set conditionals on your workflow based on the data field of complete or not

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yea i get that part of it but how would i have it repeat for all entries? i was thinkin of having an extra field that shows last date of email sent. and just keep repeating the workflow untill there isnt anymore with yesterdays date? is there an easier/better way of doing this?

I agree with @boston85719 that you should add a Complete? field to your object.

In terms of doing the sending, one way you might do this is as follows. Schedule an API workflow to run once per day (or whatever time interval you’re checking) to check for any emails that need to be sent that day. Once it runs on those emails, it schedules itself to run again the next day.

Within the API workflow, you can have two different send email actions that only fire if Completed? is yes or Completed? is no, and the bodies of those emails would be different depending on how you need to customize them.

This would involve two API workflows: one that is initialized once with maybe the click of a button that starts the cycle of checking every so often by scheduling the first call of the workflow, and one that actually does the work of sending the emails and calling itself to keep running.


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