Reoccurring emails

Hello everyone again,

i have a form with a dropdown: Status (incomplete/complete)

When the dropdown is shown as incomplete i want a daily email to be sent to the user untill it is completed. what is the best way to do this on bubble? i was thinking of doing a workflow on the main page of the website which is going to be used everyday hopefully and when the page loads it will do a search and send out the emails for any entry marked as incomplete. and then put a date of email sent so it doesnt send multiples per day. or is there a better way to do this.


You should use schedule an API workflow.
When the form is started, you sheducle the workflow to send an email reminder on the next day.
Store the ID of the scheduled flow into a text field in Form.
When the status goes to Complete, Delete the scheduled workflow.
In the scheduled workflow, send email, Schedule another time the same workflow +1 day, update the form with the new Schedule ID


i will look into this. thank you.

i didnt use scheduled API due to cost of upgrading my bubble and that would be the only feature i use. i didnt see any sense in it. i did keep the API idea which was great but i used zapier to trigger it everyday. thank you for the help and down the road if im ready to upgrade to a bigger plan, i know where to go now instead of zapier. hope this helps anyone else.

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