Have email send everyday at 5pm?

Hello - I have a report email that I need to send everyday at 5pm EST.

Right now, the user has to click the email to have the report sent, but they know they need it every day at 5pm.

I know that ‘scheduled workflows’ exist, but I can’t figure out how to use them, so I feel like I’m missing something very basic.

Can someone point me in the right direction?




I just read through a number of forum posts on the topic, it doesn’t seem like there is an easy and obvious solution to this. However, this just could be because this topic is pushing my limited programming knowledge.

Hey @topherwilliams, take a look at the recurring event feature: [New Feature] Recurring workflows

To have a daily frequency though, your Bubble account will need to be on the Team Plan.

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This might work better:


@topherwilliams I use the method @csblack talks about.

Have Zapier trigger a zap every day at 5pm. The action of that zap should be a webhook that triggers an API workflow inside Bubble which can then the email to user/users.

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Zapier will make it very easy and will tell you if things have gone wrong.

You can always bring it “in house” at a later date.

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Thank you everyone!

I will try to implement this today and let you know if I have any questions.

@andrew1 @NigelG I was searching the bubble forums for articles that describe how to set this up. This post looks good: Create a thing at regular intervals (eg daily)?

Are there other’s you’d recommend?

@topherwilliams Should look like this:

Got it. This is how you set up Bubble to accept API/workflows correct?

Also, for any other beginners following. Here are the URLs that you would put into the URL section of Zapier: Introduction - Bubble Docs



Make sure to change them if it’s in development or live.

It looks like the last part of the URL you pick yourself,


@topherwilliams Yep - you got it.

I’m getting an error on zapier when I test the URL.

I guessed it might be because the URL didn’t exist you (or something like this).

So, I tried to create it in bubble. Here’s what I did for that (this might be incorrect too, I just guessed)

I’m still getting the error on zapier. Any idea?

Since it’s returning a 404, that must mean that the URL of the webhook doesn’t exist yet. However, I’m not sure how to set this up within bubble.

Have you deployed to live yet ? Otherwise you will need version-test in your Webhook URL

Thanks. I caught that one when trying to troubleshoot.

Here’s the current URL I’m using in Zapier: http://centralcooling.getcallboss.com/version-test/api/1.1/wf/report

Do I need to set up a “report” endpoint is specified in the zapier workflow URL within bubble to accepts the POST? Or should it work?

OK, figured it out. I was using the wrong field type in the API Workflow. You need to use the “create new end point” and not the “recurring” event.

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@topherwilliams - Also, not sure if it’s a dealbreaker - but Payload Type in Zapier should be JSON

Thanks. Just changed it. It will be running a test at 12pm EST so I can confirm it works!


Thanks for posting this, It’s been helpful so far.

Did you get this working? Im stumped on how to create an Endpoint workflow, could you help?

With Joy,

Hey @andrew1 looking at the post above, looks good… I’m getting hung up on how to transfer my variables to bubble? It’s not really making sense for me.

Any advice on how to get started here?

For reference, I have an application, in which users are emailing X amount of people automatically, from a list of XXX amount. Ea day, I’d like the emails to continously grab X from the list and add them into the rotation.

Currently, I can get 1 off sends/lists started, when the user logs in to push the button… but I’d like for this to happen automatically… As it sits, I have a zap set up that looks like above… but its not triggering any actions… Also - when I try to add “data” like “user=user” its telling me I have invalid inputs.

Any tips on how to go about this woudl be great!

Thanks so much for going to the trouble of including screenshots - it helps heaps of Bubblers who are visual learners. Ta!