Send email - condition failed in log

My users are no longer receiving emails from my app. I looked on the log and this showed

Anyone have any ideas of how I can resolve this urgent issue please?

Hi there, @lisaalger… it’s difficult to troubleshoot an issue like this one via the forum, but I assume you have one or more conditions on the Send email action, and one or more of those conditions failed. I’m guessing you have gone down that path already, but what are the conditions on that action?


Hi mike, the condition is that the user’s has ‘receive emails’ as yes and I’ve checked that is the case. The email workflow was working fine this morning, but now has suddenly stopped which is so odd

I believe you said it’s failing for all users, right? Is anyone receiving emails?

It is yeah

Well, if you haven’t submitted a bug report already, I would probably go ahead and do that.

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Thanks Mike, hopefully something they can resolve for me quickly :crossed_fingers:

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