Only send emails to logged out users

Anyone have any tips on how to put a condition on a workflow so that only logged out users are sent an email message?

Context: We built multi-user chat functionality into our app and want to send emails of what they missed when one of the chat users is not logged in and a new chat message is submitted.

Currently, when a new chat message is created we are setting an API workflow to run on the list of users on the chat, but can’t access whether any of those users are logged in or not.

I originally thought this was a bug:

I dont think there is an easy way to do exactly what you want.

What I would do in your case: Save the date when your users have logged in the last time. Then, send a daily mail with all chats or new messages which have been created since then. Kind of a résumé.

This way, users won’t get spammed with lots of mails as well.

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