"Send Email" is not sending email for outlook emails

Hi - We’re using Outlook as an email service provider and the “Send Email” function is not delivering the emails. I read in the forum that SendGrip frequently fails to send email on Yahoo, Outlook etc.

Could you please advice how can we make sure that email is always delivered? Do we need to use any third-party plugin to make it happen?

I use Postmark. It’s much more reliable. Haven’t had any issues. :man_shrugging: I only pay $10/month for 4 of my apps.

I think if you want to keep Sendgrid, to make it work, you would have to pay for the higher plan (which currently starts at around $90/month). I think having a dedicated IP is supposed to help. You can get in touch with Sendgrid and see what they say. It’s too bad that Sendgrid is the default for Bubble since it has so many issues. :man_facepalming:


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