Does SendGrid successfully work for transactional emails?

Hello Bubbler’s!

Just wondering if anyone has more insights on Sendgrid and Bubble.

Does SendGrid deliver emails successfully to outlook & hotmail users once I input my own API key? I’ve heard multiple people say it does not deliver to hotmail/outlook users. Another thing I heard is that it can interrupt receiving & sending of emails if you are using outlook for business, but I don’t see how if the domain verification is done via cname and not MX records?

Would appreciate any feedback.

Hi @johan1,

From my previous experience with Sendgrid, there’s always been deliverability issues especially to those with a hotmail or outlook email. This is why most Bubblers switch to a third-party email API like Postmark.

Tried zeptomail bubble plugin and seem to work fine. If you are using send grid for transactional emails

Sendgrid had terrible deliverability in my experience. Changed to postmark and have no issues at all