Send email when something does not happen within a time limit

So I’m working on a procurement app in which I have a thing called orders. There is a field in that thing called order status, which is set to delivered when the order is delivered. I need an email sent to the person who created an order when a week has passed since the order has not been delivered. How do i schedule that email to be sent?


"Schedule an API workflow " is what you are after.

Hey @tibuig ,

Yes, you want to schedule a backend workflow! A few tips if you haven’t worked with those before:

  • Go to your Settings > API > Enable Workflow API. This will expose the “backend workflows” section of your editor, which you can access at the very bottom of your page list dropdown.
  • Create a new endpoint there. This is similar to a page workflow event. Add your send email action.
  • When the user originally creates their order, add an action to “schedule an API workflow” – select the new backend workflow you created and set the date to current date/time + however many days.
  • Keep in mind you’ll need to be on a paid plan to actually run the workflow.
  • If the backend workflow needs more information to populate the email, you may need to create parameters, like one for the Order that was created. When you create parameters in the backend endpoint, you’ll be able to pass data to them through the “schedule” action on the page.

There’s a lot to know about backend workflows, but hopefully this gets you going!

Cheers, Gaby
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Ok. perfect. i was confused because it didn’t occur to me that i could schedule it for every order created. i was thinking that i needed to create a workflow independent of the order which will search for all orders each time there is one which goes beyond the 7 day limit. Thanks a lot

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