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Send remainder emails

Hey everyone!
I have things in my database which have due dates. I want to send users who are related to those things which are due in next 2 days.
What are the possible ways of doing this?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


If you have a professional account you can schedule these workflows to send an e-mail, so, for example, when the person is assigned it will schedule an e-mail to “deadline date:(+days): -2”

But, if you don’t have a professional account, a way to work around is to run a workflow in the background of every user, then you must have in the database a “User’s date of 2 days notice” (type date) so it won’t send the e-mail more than once.

Then you should workflow a Send email to → Search User’s (User’s deadline <= Current date(+days):2 & User’s Date of 2 days notice is empty)

That’s a way to do it, it will only send the e-mail if a User is online, and if this workflow is activated

Hey, thanks for the detailed explanation. I’m thinking of upgrading to paid plan this week. Could you please walk me through the process of writing this Workflow?
I mean, it should trigger by itself without any external triggers.

This video is exactly what you need (scheduling API workflows to automatically send emails): Schedule an API Workflow

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