Send info to a page only in one case

So guys I ve reached a point that i cannot solve.

My problem is that I m creating a booking flow where slots can be chosen by a patient in order to book a doctor.
What I m trying to do is that once the patient is booking the patient, he/she will go to an external Stripe link and once he/she paid will land on a confirmation page (of my website).


  1. Patient choose doctor’s slot
  2. Patient goes on an external stripe link
  3. Patient land on confirmation page

What I want to do is to create the booking in the db only when the user actually land on the final page and not before (cause in case the patient drop in the checkout)

How can I do according to you guys?

Hi @gianlucabiancardi96,

If you’re using Stripe, you can use a Stripe webhook to trigger the creation of the booking for the user once the payment is successful.

I m reading it now, but i see I should code in Json, is it what you mean?

Type Stripe Webhooks into the Bubble Forum, you’ll find some threads about this

Yeah got it, I m trying but it seems there is always this problem about “url not valid” that is appearing also to me nwo :confused: