Stripe - payment confirmation

Hi bubblers,

On a click of END SESSION button, 2 things take place : (1) complete the job and (2) pay for the job.

So, firstly I make changes to the Job’s Job status to COMPLETED before the payment occurs.

Then, I want to make another change to the Job’s Job status to PAID if Stripe payment goes successful and UNPAID if Stripe payment goes unsuccessful.

Anyway to achieve this?

Thanks, all.

Hi @yj.johnrhee,

I’d look into Stripe webhooks.

How are you connecting to Stripe? If through API you have complete control over how to integrate properly. In that event there is a URL parameter passed back if using Stripe Connect which is either success or cancel.

But you might want to take it further and use Webhooks to double verify.

hey quick question, I have a webhook setup to tell me if a charge failed or succeed, How do I pass that response to my bubble app? Ideally I would like to proceed with the workflow if it succeeded, and send user a notification if didnt.

Webhooks don’t work like that. But you can create some sort of popup ‘timer’ that waits for the webhook response (or times out of not received) and go from there.

Usually the webhook is very quick.

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That sounds perfect, How would I go about accomplishing that?