Send Mail and Outlook\Gmail

I have a simple test app with just one button. I’m trying to use the native Send mail workflow to send an email out. However, if the destination address is a or address the mail never arrives. If I switch it to my college email, I get the mail. I did check the Junkmail & Spam folders, but I don’t see anything. I can’t set the domain & mail settings as I’m using the free version.

Should I be able to send to these mailboxes in the free version?


Hi @gcpjohnson,

This is a problem with Sendgrid’s deliverability. When using the default Send Email action, Bubble utilizes the Sendgrid API to send emails. Sendgrid has bad deliverability overall, so your emails will most likely not even reach the inbox, or if it does spam or promotions box.

I would recommend looking into Postmark, this post talks about why.

Technically, yes. But does it work well? No.

Hope this helps! :blush:

I am also having the same issue. I have domain and sender authentication complete. However, my emails sent from bubble find their way into my junk folder in gmail. I have to change my filter settings in gmail to have them accepted. I am using the free sendgrid account. I would prefer not to pay for PostMark, unless I have done things right and it is still going to junk. In that case, I will pay the money.

Alternatively Amazon Simple Email Service | Cloud Email Service | Amazon Web Services is also a valuable option in terms of deliverability.
Bubble plugin supporting this service is available.